3 Pcs Cake Mould Heart, Square & Round

Sale priceRs. 328


  • 1. HIGH QUALITY CAKE PAN:Made of high-carbon steel, Durable DOUBLE LAYER Advanced Spraying coating Bakeware,nonstick & Quick Release Coating ,non-toxic,FDA,BPA free,sturdy and can withstand heat upto 445 °F or 230 °C.
  • 2. Dimension: Square - 24cm (9.4 in) x 24cm (9.4 in), Round - 22cm (8.7 in) & Heart - 20cm (7.8 in), Height - 7cm (2.7in) (approx)
  • 3. SMOOTH SPRINGFORM BUCKLE :Releases easily, then seals up tight when needed. We make it from premium steel that won't rust,corrode,or deteriorate over time.Our springform pan is non stick,features adjustable sides and a removable bottom to gently separate the cake from the pan without any damage to the top, bottom
  • 4. Package Content: Baking Mould (Set of 3)
  • 5. Colour: Black


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